Our Remaining League games

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Re: Our Remaining League games

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Bondsobob wrote: Wed Apr 17, 2024 10:34 am I'm the same as most. Struggling to see where a wins coming from now, with the possible exception of Luton.
Palace will beat us. Liverpool will beat us- they generally do. Chelsea are hitting form, I expect a pasting, ditto Man City.
Jesus, it's a right gloomy scenario.
The only way the remaining games are going to hold any interest for most is if Moyes uses the opportunity to take a look at the better Under 21s to see how they cope with the PL. European qualification went out of the window at Newcastle imo so persevering with a knackered squad is totally futile.
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Re: Our Remaining League games

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Young son of one of our builders, fucking Gooners fan, having a trip to the UK, tells me he has tickets to us and Luton in may. Fuck off to Highbury I told him. Then I said have a look in the Alan Sealey bit and try and find my brick. 😀
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