Are There More Buses ?

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Are There More Buses ?

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Being parked in the PL these days. FFS even Wolves, since they sold Jota and lost Jimenez with a bad injury seem to have gone down that popular route. OK maybe not a bus in their case, but certainly a decent sized Winnebago.

West Brom have clearly lost their bus because we've all seen enough Allardyce team to know if it was in full running order it would most certainly find itself, handbrake firmly on, stationed in front of the goal. But others seem to be following the pattern. And to amuse myself I've rated the worst offenders, at least imo, in order of teams whose games are an absolute effort to watch.

Worst of the lot imo are Burnley. Dycheball is less compelling than watching dust settle. Effective ? No doubt at all, and Burnley continue to punch well above their weight, but, boy, an enjoyable football watching experience they do not provide. A shame because they have, arguably, the best English goalkeeper on their books, as well as a very decent central defensive partnership, and a left sided player, Dwight McNeil, who looks a decent prospect.

Next, for me, come Sheffield United. I lost count of the times the commentator yesterday praised Chris Wilder's team saying they'd got it spot on. OK if the objective was to lose 1-0 I can't argue with that but, ffs, if that's getting it right perhaps it's time to start watching international chess. Utter garbage who won't be missed when they descend back into the championship. And, unlike Burnley, not one half decent player in their midst.

Newcastle and Crystal Palace are tied for the next spot imo. Both have a smattering of decent players mixed in with a pile of bang average journeymen. Both have very decent keepers, in fact Newcastle have two because Dubravka has to be one of the best bench warmers in the PL, and players like Saint-Maxim, Wilson, Lascelles at Newcastle, and Tom Daley, Eze and the bloke we haven't seen yet they signed from Mainz, Matete are decent quality.

Give Allardyce time and West Brom will probably join them but at the moment their defence is so unbelievably crap that they concede goals for fun and so, perversely, can be a decent watch if you enjoy seeing goals. And of course there's the added bonus of seeing the fat bloke looking increasingly uncomfortable in his seat.

Perhaps those people who think our tactics are dull and boring should spare a thought for those poor sods who support any of the above. ;)
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