Man United vs West Ham Official Match Thread

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Re: Man United vs West Ham Official Match Thread

Post by JayK »

Newmarket wrote:
Thu Jul 23, 2020 11:07 pm
JayK wrote:
Thu Jul 23, 2020 11:05 pm

He don’t know does he Jay :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
😂😂 not yet. Neither does my dad 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Re: Man United vs West Ham Official Match Thread

Post by h69 »

Castiron wrote:
Thu Jul 23, 2020 5:23 pm
h69 wrote:
Thu Jul 23, 2020 4:46 pm

Every team always wants to spend money on players to fix issues and improve the team. In my mind, we are no worse at that than most of the other teams of our size.

Our problem is always getting the best out of these players when they get here. We dont do that, up til now we have never really got the best out of Antonio, Anderson, Haller, Ogbonna, Diop despite them being decent players.

It takes a transfer window or two to build a squad but a couple of seasons to build a team with an identity. We only made a couple of signings in Jan but with the lockdown and some time to work on tactics, defending and shape, we look a much better team already.

Whatever people say about Moyes, he appears to be a decent coach as he is definitely getting the best out of the players playing the other night. Antonio is thriving in an similar way to Arnie and Bowen and Soucek look very good players.

Key now is to fix the FB situation and get the best out of the marquee players like Haller and Anderson that cost a small fortune.

We look like scoring goals, are much better at the back and have some confidence. A couple of new FBs and a new CB and backup striker (or a decent replacement for Haller) and we would be a decent side.

Pellegrini's issue is that he does not understand that in the PL, Pace and power trump most other attributes for attacking and even defensive players now. At Man City they used to mention this as well but he had such vast amounts of quality that players like Aguero got them through but it is a no brainer why Pep took them onto a far higher level. I am convinced that is why Arnie and Antonio bother teams far more than Haller seems to.

We will see. To all these people wanting a young hungry European manager, that is as much a gamble since Daniel Farke was such a manager as was the Huddersfield german who I have forgotten the name of. Both tried to play a style that simply wont work in the PL with the players they had.
Wouldn't be surprised if we don't see Anderson again. Moyes probably told him to toughen up, he spat his dummy out, and they said he was injured. We've been carrying him all season.
When he's good he's good, but we cannot keep going into seasons with passengers onboard.
Not sure Moyes is that keen on Haller either.
Agreed. I think if Moyes does not think he can get the best out of either they will be on their way. Bowen and Antonio are far better players to have in the team than Anderson and Haller. The latter two can make things happen occasionally but I suspect opposition players would rather play against them than against Bowen and Antonio who cause far more problems. Neither Haller nor Anderson seem suited to our league.

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